Directions to Rincon from Aguadilla

Directions from Aguadilla to Rincon:

Exit left out of the airport and continue to Road #107.

Turn left onto #107. This will intersect with Road #2.

Bear to the right.

There is a sign that says “Mayaguez”, which is the large city beyond Rincón on Road #2.

Follow Route #2 past Aguada and you will soon see a sign that says "#115 - Rincon"; do not take this exit.  It will put you on winding back roads which can be quite confusing.

Stay on the Rt. #2 for about 10 miles until Road #402 (there is a McDonalds on the right) which connects with Road #115 into Rincon, or you can stay on #2 and exit directly onto Road #115. From here follow your vacation properties specific direction - You Are In Rincon Now