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Surf Vacations in Rincon Puerto Rico

Rincon is one of the best spots in the World for your Surf Vacation.

Thanks to 'The Drone Rincon' for this cool and beautiful video of the waves caught during Hurricane Irma 2017!

Enjoy and when you are ready to plan your Rincon Vacation we are here to help!

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Post Hurricane Irma Sept 2017 | All is well in Rincon Puerto Rico

Although the news and media may have you thinking life in Rincon is not as beautiful as it was post Hurricane Irma, We are here to tell you everything is still beautiful in Rincon.  


The Island of Puerto Rico and Rincon got very lucky with respect to how much worse Irma could have hit us.


We did have a few days of no power as the electric company surveyed and addressed the Island's down trees and lines.  Some parts of Rincon came back with power faster than others while at the time of this blog we believe about 20% of Rincon may still be without power. However, the electric company continues to work on all the issues.  


Water can be had by those who have rain water collection systems and the City of Rincon has been out offering to fill cisterns on roofs.  Water is not completely out everywhere, just issues here and there as the electric is addressed.


There was no real damage or loss of life in Rincon that we are aware of.   This photo was taken by Katie Moon after Irma and we love the caption ...... "Glad Irma didn't destroy beautiful Rincon".  We could not agree more!  Enjoy your Rincon Vacation!

Reggae Dance Party | Ode to the Elephants

This Saturday September 2nd ....  Beachfront in Aguada Puerto Rico ....  you can enjoy some delicious Thai Food and a Reggae Dance Party at Ode (to the Elephants).  


This delicious outdoor indoor Restaurant was previously located in Rincon and was a favorite of many vacationing in Rincon.    It recently relocated to beachfront just a few minutes from Rincon.  


The food is delicious and the serve Island style .... not rushed and very friendly!


Reach them at (787) 239-5062 or visit their Facebook page.


Enjoy your Rincon Vacation.

Eco Friendly Safe Sunscreens for your Rincon Vacation | Ocean Friendly Sunblock


If you forgot to get your Rincon Eco Friendly, Reef Safe & Ocean Friendly Sunblock before getting to Rincon don't worry ...... reach out to Ocean Friendly SunBlock at tinastilista@gmail.com or on their Facebook Page.


Their paste form is "100% Natural, High sun protection, Waterproof, Concentrated, Vitamine & Fatty Acid. Ingredients: Mangifera Indica, Karite and Body Safe. Made exclusively with Organic Ingredients".


If you are unaware of the serious damage sunblock and similar products can have on our Ocean and Reefs please check out this Time Article or just Google the issue.  Rincon really needs your help to keep our beautiful Oceans clean for everyone to enjoy!  Plus, no one likes snorkeling or swimming in someone else chemical trail!


Enjoy your Rincon Vacation!

Rincón Sailing Lessons | Private Groups Classes

Rincón Sailing is available year round for all your Rincón Sailing Adventure needs.


Their offerings include ...

  • LESSONS - Learn to Sail in Puerto Rico at Rincón Sailing - private and group lessons year round for adults and children
  • RENTALS - If you have experience and want to rent a boat check out their inventory
  • TOURS - Relax and enjoy the sites of coastal Rincón - take a swim and a snorkel while you are at it

Reach them at (787) 421-4700 and



Enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!

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Food Trucks in Rincon | Surf 'n' Turf

SURF 'n' TURF Food Truck is one of the many delicious food trucks making a big presence in Rincon these days.


This Rincon Food Truck in particular sets itself apart by serving quality and delicious meals you might not  normally think you'd find at a food truck.  Just check out the photos below and their reviews on their facebook page.


Self described as ....

"Gourmet street food, offering a combination of seafood, steak and chicken dishes in a relaxed outdoor environment. Also pet friendly!!!"


Reach them at  (787) 904-2786

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Live Music for Hire in Rincon

Rincon has an amazing amount of talented and unique musical artists.    If you are looking to have a band or artist perform for you at your Rincon Vacation Rental you have many options.  


Here are some of our favorites ... click on each groups name for videos.


Fernandito Ferrer - His style is better compared to the works of Tracy Chapman, Annie D’Franco, Antonio Cabán Vale, Silvio Rodriguez and Nick Drake.  Reach him at 787-960-2171 or fernanditoferrer@gmail.com


Los Satos - Duet style of down-home cosmic boogie-twang. It's their own unique genre and includes everything but reggaeton.  Reach them at 832-542-9472 or 787-362-6508


Tito & Fito Jazz Duet-  Instrumental Music Duet- Jazz-Lounge-Rock-Blues- Ambient.  Reach them at fitobass@yahoo.com


Hank & Yuri - A talented duo play originals and covers of most anything with gypsy jazz melody's in between;  musical style of gypsy jazz, reggae and rock!  Reach them at 939-253-2960 or 203-570-2512


Superstereos Classic and 80s Rock Band.  Reach them on their facebook group.


Enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!

Wine Tasting in Rincon | Tinto Wine Shop | Sommelier Nasinne Campos

Tinto Wine Shop is a local family run boutique wine ship located in the heart of the Rincon Downtown Plaza.


Owner, Operator and Sommelier Nasinne Campos brings great wine tasting, paring and enjoyment to everyone who enters her friendly and quint wine shop!


If you'd like a private Tinto Wine event at your Rincon Beachfront Vacation Villa Rental make sure you contact Nasinne far in advance!  We guarantee if you enjoy wines you will enjoy an event with Tinto Wines.

Services & Events Offered:

  • Certified Sommelier Services
  • Wine Menu Curating
  • Wines by the Glass Program
  • Wine Sourcing Inventory & Purchasing 
  • Staff Training
  • Food & Wine Paring
  • Informal Wine Tasting

Reach them at tinto.nasinne@gmail.com & 787-546-6573

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Horseback Rides in Rincon Puerto Rico | Pintos R Us Trail Rides

Another favorite Rincon Activity is Horseback Riding with Rincon's Pintos R Us Trail Rides. They offer daily rides by appointment only!  Make sure you book as far in advance as you can as they fill up fast!  Rides you can enjoy while staying at your Rincon Vacation Rental include

  • Group Rides
  • Private Rides
  • Pony Rides
  • Special Packages for any occasion - photo shoot, birthday parties and even weddings! 

As you can see from the photos from their farm and rides, Pintos R Us Trail Rides is another Uniquely Rincon experience!  Reach them at (787) 516-7090 or book online here!

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Waterfall Adventure in Rincon Puerto Rico | San Sebastian Gozalandia Falls Park

One of the favorite Waterfall Adventures for guests staying in Rincon Puerto Rico is the San Sebastian Gozalandia Falls Park.  You have many many options for visiting the park but here are 3 to consider:

  1. Angelo Cordero (786) 395-4700.  Angelo is a Professional Photographer and long time Rincon resident.   If you have a car and would like to have a bilingual local to assist you for a minimal rate we recommend Angelo - you can follow him in your car to the waterfall  
  2. Guaitiao Eco Tours if you'd like a professional tour and van ride for up to 15 people (787) 504-6996
  3. Find it on your own? Stay safe and please don't forget to note the weather - as the below video shows - it can be dangerous if storms are around. 

Some tips/notes:

  • We always recommend you go with a local!
  • Parking is $5 per car (at the time of this blog)
  • It's about a 45 drive from Rincon
  • Go in the morning
  • There is a bar - locals recommend the Watermelon mojito
  • The water can be cold
  • Wear water shoes  / it can be slippery

Photo Credit : Mark Buondonno Photography /  Video Credit : Vincenzo Ferrante

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Nacho Libre Rincon | New Mexican Restaurant in Rincon

Hot off the presses ..... as they say!    Rincon has a new Authentic Mexican Food option opening Sept 2017!  A full bar and delicious reasonably priced Mexican food. But there is more to the story..........


Nacho Libre Rincon is located next door to E.C. Bakery in South Rincon.    And they are not just another Mexican Restaurant in Rincon  ... .. this is a place where 'Luchadores' are celebrated!    What are 'Luchadores' you may ask ....... imagine the WWF meets Mexican food!   The below photo is from Nacho Libre!


Enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!

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Planning all your Rincon Vacation Activities

Be Rincon is located in the Rincon Downtown Plaza and they are ready to answer all your questions about things to do and activities you can enjoy while staying at your Rincon Vacation Rental.  

Reach Be Rincon at  (787) 678-7122 and enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!

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Authentic Galician Food | Rincon do Galego

Don't forget to enjoy Rincon's 'Do Galego' Restaurant while staying at your Rincon Vacation Rental.    They serve authentic Galician food and drink for the whole family to enjoy.


"Galician cuisine refers to the typical dishes and ingredients found in the cuisine of the autonomous community of Galicia, Spain. These include shellfish, empanadas, polbo á feira (a dish made of octopus), the cheese queixo de tetilla, the ribeiro and albariño wines and orujo liquor."


Reach them at (787) 949-8551 to place your reservation!  Enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!

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Summer Camp in Rincon Puerto Rico

If you are looking for  Summer Camps in Rincon for the little ones staying at your Rincon Vacation Rental we suggest you check out Arts & Beyond Learning Center.    They also offer activities for kids year round!  Reach them at (787) 438-7368.  Self described ... "An alternative educational center with a holistic approach and centering around an integrated Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math curriculum."

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Rincon Jazz Fest July 2017

Save the date and book your Rincon Vacation Rental  stay for the next Rincon Jazz Festival this Saturday July 29th.  For more information you can follow the Rincon Jazz Fest on their facebook page and reach them at 787-644-1636.

Enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!

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Women's Art Workshop in Rincon this July

This Tuesday July 18th starting at 6pm, enjoy a Women's Art Workshop  - Hosted by Rincon's Arts & Beyond Learning Center.


You are invited as follows to Noche de Mujeres .....

"Ladies, join us for another round of art, discussion, and nibbles & wine! This month’s focus will be on water colors — we will talk about different effects that can be achieved, look at historical examples, and then utilize different techniques to create our own water color paintings. Light refreshments will be provided, as well as beverages, but feel free to BYOB as well.  Please join us from 6-9 pm on Tuesday, July 18. Cost is $30 per person; advanced reservations required. Please message us at 312-218-7978 or directly on Facebook to RSVP."      


Enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!

Rincon Waves Hydroflights

Hydroflight hits Rincon Puerto Rico in the form of Rincon Waves Hydroflights!


Now you can fly above the beautiful Ocean while staying at your Rincon Vacation Rental.


At the time of this blog they are offering the hydroflights at Almendro's Beach which is just a short distance from 8th and Ocean.


Reach them at 787-823-4232 or rinconhydroflights@gmail.com and enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!

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Italian Food Catering Now in Rincon | Italian Girl Foods

If you are looking for a some delicious Italian Food while staying at your Rincon Vacation Rental we suggest you check out Italian Girl Foods Catering Services.


New to Rincon as of 2017, This Rincon Catering Company offers "Homemade from scratch Italian, Puerto Rican and American dishes from my kitchen to yours. Individual or large orders available for pick up and/or delivery."



We think their food photos will speak for themselves .... Yum!!!    

Reach Italian Girl Foods at 917-488-5602.


Enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation.

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Desecheo National Wildlife Refuge, Puerto Rico

Enjoy this beautiful video of the Island we all enjoy viewing from afar in Rincon, Desecheo Island!

"Operation: Desecheo National Wildlife Refuge, Puerto Rico - An ambitious operation by Island Conservation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and partners to rid Desecheo National Wildlife Refuge of invasive rodents has been confirmed a success! This project can enable the island to return to its former and rightful status: the most important seabird colony in the region."

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Rincon Clay Studio | Open Studio Kid Friendly



The Rincon Clay Studio is holding Open Studio Events for both adults and children this July 2017!


Bring Clay Ideas and make it Happen!

Kids Lessons will be available


and ask about daily or weekly rates depending on how long you will be at your Rincon Vacation Rental.


They are open Monday through Thursday currently and you can reach them at RinconClayStudio@gmail.com.


Enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!

Beautiful Weddings & Wedding Photography Always in Rincon Puerto Rico


Rincon is most always a beautiful destination wedding location.     And your Rincon Vacation Rental can often be the perfect venue within Rincon for your ceremony and guests!  


If you need a little inspiration or proof please enjoy these amazingly beautiful Rincon Wedding Photos by Rafael Sotomayor Photography.  


"Rafael has a natural, hands off approach, which allows his subjects to relax and allows him to capture the heart and soul of the moment. With over 28 years as a Photographer his goal is to give you the best service and artistic experience."


Enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!

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Cultural & Historic Tour of Rincon | Learn Spanish in Rincon

Next time you are staying at your Rincon Vacation Rental you can enjoy a Cultural and Historic Tour of Rincon with Spanish Immersion Rincon - SIR.    Below is their offering for July 2017 classes and tours but they offer them continuously and likely by demand if you have a group looking to enjoy some Rincon Culture.  Reach them at 787.233.5330, spanishimmersion.sir@gmail.com or visit their website.   Enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!

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The Drone Rincon | Uniquely Capture Your Rincon Vacation

Check out this amazing video of Domes Beach by The Drone Rincon!!!   You can hire them to capture your Rincon Vacation Adventures or Rincon Wedding Ceremony while staying at your Rincon Beachfront Vacation Villa Rental!  Reach 'The Drone Rincon' at 787-810-1350 dronerincon@gmail.com.  Check out their other amazing videos on their Facebook page.

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New Puerto Rican Food Restaurant in Rincon | Rustic Surf


Rustic Surf is a new restaurant in Rincon Puerto Rico.  


Self Described as ....

"You will find everything from El Best Service, Exquisite Lunches and a spectacular A La Carte Menu and a special Cocktail Bar just for you !!"


But we think their food photos are the best description of what Rustic Surf offers.   This is traditional Puerto Rican food and we often get questions about where you can get such food while staying at your Rincon Vacation Rental.


They are located off the 115 in the Edward's Food Mart Plaza.   We have included a photo of their storefront so you can identify it easily once you enter the Plaza.  Reach them from their facebook page.


Enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!

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Jack's Shack in Puntas Rincon Summer Specials

If you are looking for somewhere cool and delicious to enjoy wholesome eats while staying at your Rincon Beachfront Vacation Villa Rental we recommend checking out Jack's Shack now located in the old Puntas Bakery on the 413.


From Jack's Shack .... "We are constantly looking for local and organic ingredients to work with.  Because we use fresh seasonal ingredients, you will find a variety of daily specials that are created based on what is available on that day. Fresh, healthy and tasty seasonal food. Simple. 


We offer: Hand pressed espresso, iced or hot local coffee, fresh juices, Karibe Kombucha, organic baked items, delicious breakfasts, healthy lunches, grab-and-go meals, vegan + vegetarian options, a small organic market with fruits, snacks, and drinks.


We are proud to use compostable and/or biodegradable paper goods and encourage recycling always. We compost our food waste and believe that what we do helps to make a difference. 


Stop by our NEW Location at the Old Puntas Bakery. We are open Friday-Tuesday (closed Wednesday + Thursday) serving breakfast and lunch from 8am-5pm. Dinner + Brunch services will resume in the fall."


Reach them at (787) 246-6180 and enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!   

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Fresh Fish Rincon Puerto Rico | Poke Bowls Delivery



Blue Water Poke Express is a small locally owned and operated business offering delicious locally caught fresh fish in Rincon Puerto Rico!


Blue Water will deliver to your Rincon Vacation Rental if you order 5 or more bowls (at the time of this blog).    


You can always order and pick up your individual poke bowls by ordering directly via their Facebook page or use @bluewaterpokeexpress.


Enjoy your Rincon Vacation!

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El Jefe Taqueria | Mexican Food Truck in Rincon

Just opened as of June 2017 this is El Jefe Taqueria located here on 413 across from Mama Mel's Learning Center.


Currently their hours of operation are 11:30am to 6pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.   But those hours will start to extend for holidays and the busy Season in Rincon. 


These are simple and delicious California (Mexico) style 'street tacos' with fresh ingredients and 'kick ass' sauces.   BYOB.


Reach them via their Facebook Page and enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!

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Rincon 2017 Triathlon

Rincon's Yearly Triathlon is this Weekend June 2nd 2017.


If you are staying at your Rincon Vacation Villa Rental consider heading over to the Balneario to cheer on the athletes.  Not only does Rincon offer their triathlon to adults, they also have a kid's event.


For questions contact them at their Tríalo Rincoeño Facebook page.

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Rincon Farm to Table Chef Challenge



Another Rincon Summer Fun Family Event for everyone staying at your Rincon Vacation Rental to enjoy!


From Sana Farm Stand  ....




Thank you for supporting local farming ..SANA LOVES YA!!"


Reach Sana Farm Stand at 787-557-0819


Enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!