Rincon Area Activities and Day Trips

The west coast of Puerto Rico has so many amazing natural landscapes from its beaches to caves, bio bay and even a desert forest!  Here is some information about some of these day trips from Rincon.


Bio-Bay- A 45 minute drive from Rincon, nature lovers will never let go the incredible and rare opportunity to visit a tropical bioluminescent bay. 

Visiting La Parguera Bioluminescent Bay is great for a trip on a moonless night. Go to La Parguera and take a boat with a cristal bottom at the dock for an exciting bioluminescent bay trip (dinoflagellate watching). Due to their delicate ecology, bioluminescent bays are rare in the world!  Contact Rincon Vacations for more info.


Crashboat Beach - Located in Aguadilla, a beautiful beach and excellent spot for snorkeling or just enjoying the water.  Take Rt. 2 to Rt. 107, signs on the left.


Waterfall - Gozalandia or Las Cataratas Waterfall in San Sebastian, 1/2 hour drive from Rincon is sometimes called the secret waterfall even though it is actually on a couple of the official Puerto Rico tourism maps.  Check the Puerto Rico Day Trips website for more information.


Camuy River Caves - About a one hour drive from Rincon, there are only two other places in the world where you will find a cave system as massive or dramatic as the Río Camuy Cave Park - and neither of them has a tropical underground river thundering through it! Visitors ride a trolley that descends into a sinkhole lined with dense tropical vegetation while a guide describes the sights. After a walk across ramps and bridges and through the dramatically illuminated, 170-foot high Cueva Clara, another tram shuttles you to a platform overlooking the 400 foot deep Tres Pueblos Sinkhole.

Another attraction is the Spiral Sinkhole and Cave. You can walk the 205 steps down into the sinkhole, but the cave itself is off limits to all but experienced spelunkers. The sinkhole is believed to have once been an enormous cavern, and is indeed an impressive sight. Cathedral cave is home to an enigmatic collection of petroglyphs etched into the walls by the ancient Taínos (native Indians).

The park is normally open Wednesday through Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The last tour departs at 3:30 p.m., or when the park reaches its daily capacity.



cabo rojo lighthouse

The Cabo Rojo Lighthouse and Playa Sucio - The Cabo Rojo lighthouse is situated on a magnificent cliff with dramatic ocean views, an excellent photo spot with a nice small hike up to and around the lighthouse itself.  Below the lighthouse is Playa Sucio, a beach that certainly defies its name, white sands and a beautiful logoon-like cove.