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Rincon, Puerto Rico is a beach town on the northwest side of the island, known for surfing, whale watching, beautiful sunsets, it has become one of the premier locales for Caribbean destination weddings.  There is also diving, fishing, horseback riding and snorkeling at Puerto Rico's only protected marine reserve, Tres Palmas.  Nearby are golf courses, bioluminescent bays, caves and rainforest. 


While Rincon does offer some amazing resorts and larger properties, it is a relatively rural and small town spread out over 8 miles of coastline that ranges from calm Caribbean waters on the south to rock and coral surf breaks on the north. 


The key to enjoying your Rincon vacation is deciding what area of Rincon is best for you and your group.  If you want to surf and be around the surf crowd, vacation rentals and properties in the Puntas and Ensenada areas of Rincon are best.  If you are looking to be closer to town and calmer, more sandy bottomed beaches, properties and vacation rentals in Stella (Parcellas) or Corcega Beach may be better suited for your group. Remember Rincon is spread out and the different areas each have something unique to offer, so don't hesitate to ask about the surrounding area of the vacation rental you are inquiring about, we are happy to point you in the right direction! 


Purchase a Purple Lizard map of Rincon before your trip, a very accurate  road and beach map with lots of other useful information.

Surf Vacations in Rincon Puerto Rico

Rincon is one of the best spots in the World for your Surf Vacation.

Thanks to 'The Drone Rincon' for this cool and beautiful video of the waves caught during Hurricane Irma 2017!

Enjoy and when you are ready to plan your Rincon Vacation we are here to help!

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Post Hurricane Irma Sept 2017 | All is well in Rincon Puerto Rico

Although the news and media may have you thinking life in Rincon is not as beautiful as it was post Hurricane Irma, We are here to tell you everything is still beautiful in Rincon.  


The Island of Puerto Rico and Rincon got very lucky with respect to how much worse Irma could have hit us.


We did have a few days of no power as the electric company surveyed and addressed the Island's down trees and lines.  Some parts of Rincon came back with power faster than others while at the time of this blog we believe about 20% of Rincon may still be without power. However, the electric company continues to work on all the issues.  


Water can be had by those who have rain water collection systems and the City of Rincon has been out offering to fill cisterns on roofs.  Water is not completely out everywhere, just issues here and there as the electric is addressed.


There was no real damage or loss of life in Rincon that we are aware of.   This photo was taken by Katie Moon after Irma and we love the caption ...... "Glad Irma didn't destroy beautiful Rincon".  We could not agree more!  Enjoy your Rincon Vacation!

Reggae Dance Party | Ode to the Elephants

This Saturday September 2nd ....  Beachfront in Aguada Puerto Rico ....  you can enjoy some delicious Thai Food and a Reggae Dance Party at Ode (to the Elephants).  


This delicious outdoor indoor Restaurant was previously located in Rincon and was a favorite of many vacationing in Rincon.    It recently relocated to beachfront just a few minutes from Rincon.  


The food is delicious and the serve Island style .... not rushed and very friendly!


Reach them at (787) 239-5062 or visit their Facebook page.


Enjoy your Rincon Vacation.

Eco Friendly Safe Sunscreens for your Rincon Vacation | Ocean Friendly Sunblock


If you forgot to get your Rincon Eco Friendly, Reef Safe & Ocean Friendly Sunblock before getting to Rincon don't worry ...... reach out to Ocean Friendly SunBlock at or on their Facebook Page.


Their paste form is "100% Natural, High sun protection, Waterproof, Concentrated, Vitamine & Fatty Acid. Ingredients: Mangifera Indica, Karite and Body Safe. Made exclusively with Organic Ingredients".


If you are unaware of the serious damage sunblock and similar products can have on our Ocean and Reefs please check out this Time Article or just Google the issue.  Rincon really needs your help to keep our beautiful Oceans clean for everyone to enjoy!  Plus, no one likes snorkeling or swimming in someone else chemical trail!


Enjoy your Rincon Vacation!

Rincón Sailing Lessons | Private Groups Classes

Rincón Sailing is available year round for all your Rincón Sailing Adventure needs.


Their offerings include ...

  • LESSONS - Learn to Sail in Puerto Rico at Rincón Sailing - private and group lessons year round for adults and children
  • RENTALS - If you have experience and want to rent a boat check out their inventory
  • TOURS - Relax and enjoy the sites of coastal Rincón - take a swim and a snorkel while you are at it

Reach them at (787) 421-4700 and


Enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!

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