Post Hurricane Irma Sept 2017 | All is well in Rincon Puerto Rico

Although the news and media may have you thinking life in Rincon is not as beautiful as it was post Hurricane Irma, We are here to tell you everything is still beautiful in Rincon.  


The Island of Puerto Rico and Rincon got very lucky with respect to how much worse Irma could have hit us.


We did have a few days of no power as the electric company surveyed and addressed the Island's down trees and lines.  Some parts of Rincon came back with power faster than others while at the time of this blog we believe about 20% of Rincon may still be without power. However, the electric company continues to work on all the issues.  


Water can be had by those who have rain water collection systems and the City of Rincon has been out offering to fill cisterns on roofs.  Water is not completely out everywhere, just issues here and there as the electric is addressed.


There was no real damage or loss of life in Rincon that we are aware of.   This photo was taken by Katie Moon after Irma and we love the caption ...... "Glad Irma didn't destroy beautiful Rincon".  We could not agree more!  Enjoy your Rincon Vacation!