Eco Friendly Safe Sunscreens for your Rincon Vacation | Ocean Friendly Sunblock


If you forgot to get your Rincon Eco Friendly, Reef Safe & Ocean Friendly Sunblock before getting to Rincon don't worry ...... reach out to Ocean Friendly SunBlock at or on their Facebook Page.


Their paste form is "100% Natural, High sun protection, Waterproof, Concentrated, Vitamine & Fatty Acid. Ingredients: Mangifera Indica, Karite and Body Safe. Made exclusively with Organic Ingredients".


If you are unaware of the serious damage sunblock and similar products can have on our Ocean and Reefs please check out this Time Article or just Google the issue.  Rincon really needs your help to keep our beautiful Oceans clean for everyone to enjoy!  Plus, no one likes snorkeling or swimming in someone else chemical trail!


Enjoy your Rincon Vacation!