Wine Tasting in Rincon | Tinto Wine Shop | Sommelier Nasinne Campos

Tinto Wine Shop is a local family run boutique wine ship located in the heart of the Rincon Downtown Plaza.


Owner, Operator and Sommelier Nasinne Campos brings great wine tasting, paring and enjoyment to everyone who enters her friendly and quint wine shop!


If you'd like a private Tinto Wine event at your Rincon Beachfront Vacation Villa Rental make sure you contact Nasinne far in advance!  We guarantee if you enjoy wines you will enjoy an event with Tinto Wines.

Services & Events Offered:

  • Certified Sommelier Services
  • Wine Menu Curating
  • Wines by the Glass Program
  • Wine Sourcing Inventory & Purchasing 
  • Staff Training
  • Food & Wine Paring
  • Informal Wine Tasting

Reach them at & 787-546-6573