Waterfall Adventure in Rincon Puerto Rico | San Sebastian Gozalandia Falls Park

One of the favorite Waterfall Adventures for guests staying in Rincon Puerto Rico is the San Sebastian Gozalandia Falls Park.  You have many many options for visiting the park but here are 3 to consider:

  1. Angelo Cordero (786) 395-4700.  Angelo is a Professional Photographer and long time Rincon resident.   If you have a car and would like to have a bilingual local to assist you for a minimal rate we recommend Angelo - you can follow him in your car to the waterfall  
  2. Guaitiao Eco Tours if you'd like a professional tour and van ride for up to 15 people (787) 504-6996
  3. Find it on your own? Stay safe and please don't forget to note the weather - as the below video shows - it can be dangerous if storms are around. 

Some tips/notes:

  • We always recommend you go with a local!
  • Parking is $5 per car (at the time of this blog)
  • It's about a 45 drive from Rincon
  • Go in the morning
  • There is a bar - locals recommend the Watermelon mojito
  • The water can be cold
  • Wear water shoes  / it can be slippery

Photo Credit : Mark Buondonno Photography /  Video Credit : Vincenzo Ferrante