Corona Pro Surf Circuit 2017 - Event Photos Rincon Surf Contest

The Corona Pro Surf Circuit is held each March in Rincon Puerto Rico.    This Rincon Surf Contest brings people from all over the Island and the World to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Rincon.


Some years the surf is overhead and some years, like this 2017 Season, the surf is almost flat.  But no matter what the waves bring the contest is held and the professional surfers put on an impressive show of skillful surfing!


The event is normally held at Maria's or Domes beach.  Both located several miles from your Rincon Vacation Rental so you might not notice the crowds unless you venture out of your Villa.   Should you decide to tackle the traffic to drive to the event, just be patient and park somewhere clearly marked as legal before walking the remaining distance to the contest.    There will be lots to eat, drink and see!  The crowds get a bit crazy as the below photos from 2017 show.


The Surf Contest is put on by VIP Tours Inc. should you want to plan your Rincon Vacation around the event please contact them.