Ventana Al Mar | Rincon Outdoor Shopping Mall

'Ventana Al Mar' is an outdoor shopping mall in Rincon Puerto Rico.  Recently opened around September 2016 it is fortunately  like most of Rincon and very unique.  Ventana al Mar and it's shops are probably not like any outdoor shopping you might find everywhere in the World.   


There are 2 outdoor bars located on each front corner of the mall, visible from the street.  They are 'La Barca' and 'Aloha Surf'.   They both offer food and a full bar with great staffs and a welcoming atmosphere.   Inside the 'mall' you will find the following unique shops and businesses:


 - Sushi Plaza & Ice Cream
- The El Coqui of Rincon
- Yanni's Boutique
- Oscar Art Jewlery
- Bubble Tea Spot
- Difference Hair Salon
- El Rincon Natural
- Eco Cafe  (in the back outside)
- The City's Tourism Office 
- Galeria de Surfing - Rincon Surfing History Museum


We hope you will visit Ventana Al Mar and it's shops a few times while staying at your Rincon Vacation Rental.  It can be a fun stop for the whole family and you will be supporting local business and people!  Don't forget to walk across the parking lot and check out another cool Rincon Beach - 'Playa Doña Lala'.    Enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!