Fresh Juice Drinks in Rincon Puerto Rico | El Rincón del Limón

One of the many fresh, local and delicious treats of Puerto Rico are the fresh juices from the local fruit trees.   Now you can enjoy these fresh juice drinks while staying at your Rincon Vacation Rental by visiting El Rincón del Limón at the Balneario Rincón PR.


Self described as ... "Fresh fruit artisanal lemonades, mojitos, carpirihna, sangria, lollipops and more! We use all local produce!!! Mainly Puerto Ricos "criollo" Limon!"


There offerings change day-to-day based on what is fresh.  Recently they have offered some delicious juices including 

  • Cantaloupe
  • Piña
  • Naranja
  • Limon
  • Hierba Buena con Agua de Coco!!!

If you are making a special trip you might want to contact them (via fb message) first to make sure nothing in the weather or fruit selection is preventing them from opening their juice cart for the day.  They normally set up right on the main road, under a tree, so you can not miss them.    Enjoy your Rincon Vacation!