Horseback Riding in Rincon Puerto Rico

You have two options for Horseback Riding in Rincon Puerto Rico.   The number one best option is a private or group ride with Rincon's Pintos "R" Us Trail Rides!   Their horses are happy and healthy ; roam freely on their Rincon ranch where they get plenty of food, water and of course, love.  They offer

  • Group Rides
  • Private Rides
  • Pony Rides
  • Wedding Shoot Rides
  • Beach Rides
  • Trail Rides

Your other option for Horseback Riding in Rincon is with Defensa Animal de Rincon Puerto Rico.  But this is not riding as much as loving and learning.  The purpose of the Defensa Horse Class is to inspire and educate more people to own and care for horses in Puerto Rico – they are not a ‘riding school’ – they are a 501c3 Animal Rescue Group offering time with their horses.    


Whichever you choose we wish you a happy Rincon Vacation!