Uber in Rincon Puerto Rico | Taxi Options

It is true, Uber in Rincon is now available (sometimes) for your stay at your Rincon Vacation Rental.


The reason we added the 'sometimes' is we know one Uber driver in Rincon but we haven't been able to confirm more drivers, yet.  


If you to Uber.com/app and put in code 'amandas20700ue' you will be connected with Amanda, an excellent Rincon Uber driver.   Amanda does Uber all over the Island of Puerto Rico so there is a good chance she can help you with your taxi-type needs while on your Rincon Vacation!


Note:  Should Amanda not be available we don't want to leave you without some taxi options so here they are .... because Rincon does not have taxis to hail on the streets - you must schedule them.

  1. Carlos Taxi  (787) 398-3621
  2. Dario Taxi (787) 318-9546
  3. Humberto Taxi (787) 431-8179
  4. Ivette Taxi (787) 505-3468
  5. Pedro Taxi  (787) 406-0431

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    jose diaz (Sunday, 02 September 2018 22:33)

    hello there I am planning to go to Puerto Rico to San Juan sometimes in the future I like to know the cost from San Juan airport to Rincon give me a price estimate.
    E-mail jdiaz5272@gmail.com