Yoga Options in Rincon Puerto Rico

There are no doubt several other Yoga Options in Rincon Puerto Rico - However we'd like to highlight two that are normally available year round (verses just seasonal) and that are quite different, yet both lovely, in venue.  And either of them will be able to connect you with a private yoga instructor should you like to have your yoga session at your Rincon Vacation Rental.

  • La Paz Yoga and Pilates Studio - an air condictioned building
  • Barefoot Yoga PR - a beachfront open air and shaded space

La Paz is located on the 115 and self described as "A team of wellness minded individuals helping Rincon locals and world travelers find peace in their minds and strength in their bodies. Yoga, Pilates, massage, and fitness.  Group classes & Private lessons available.  We have private Pilates sessions, beautiful massage rooms, and a private garden for relaxing."  Reach them at (787) 823-2885.


Barefoot Yoga is located at Antonio's Beach and self described as "Enjoy Rincon’s only private, fully equipped, beachfront yoga studio set below a beautiful canopy of trees. Our instructors teach an integrative style that is open to all levels. Students are welcomed with an open heart and smile"  Reach them at (787) 234-8124.


Whichever you choice we know you will enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!

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