Rincon Yearly Caravana Yunta de Bueyes | Holiday Oxen Celebration

It is that beautiful time of year again ....  December..... time for Rincon’s Annual 'Caravana Yunta de Bueyes' Celebration!  This year it will be held the weekend of December 17th and 18th.


The photos below will give you an idea of what to expect.  

  • On Saturday the celebration includes vendors, artisans, music, food, drinks and PintosRUs pony rides all in Plaza Amistad (the city park located on the 115 close to the downtown plaza)
  • On Sunday there will be a parade where the Bueyes (Oxen) are the guests of honor and main attraction.   The parade normally starts from Plaza Amistad and goes South on 115 towards Stella where it turns towards the Ocean .. taking the small coastal roads back towards Plaza and around to the Balneario for a little break before heading to and ending at Plaza Amistad

Find videos of previous years on our 9th Annual Yunta de Bueyes | Oxen Festival  blog.


There will be “Bueyes” on parade from all over the island so expect a little traffic.  This is a rare opportunity to see these massive animals in person.  We highly recommend for everyone staying at your Rincon Vacation Rental to enjoy this 'free for the whole family' event!

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