Rincon Restaurants Using Biodegradable Products

While enjoying a delicious meal at The Wok one day we noticed the following on their menu

  • All bowls and utensils are 100% biodegradable
  • We do not sell water in plastic bottles

This got us curious as to what other Rincon Restaurants are making an effort to bring down the use of styrofoam and plastics in our community.     At the time of this blog the following Rincon Restaurants have responded to our inquiry and are using biodegradable containers:


1. The Wok (of course, by Tres Palmas on the 413)

2. FRESH (by Maria's Beach on the 413)


3. Carta Buena (on the 413 after Tres Palmas before the Marina)

4. Sana Food Stand (on the 115 across from the Rincon Post Office)

5. Many vendors at the Sunday Farmer's Market / Mercado Agroecologico de Rincón (in the Rincon Downtown Plaza)


If more Rincon Restaurants join this movement and let us know we will add them to our blog.   

Enjoy your Rincon Vacation


Notes:  Foil is not biodegradable.    Biodegradable products can be purchased on line and are perfect for to-go food.   Bring your own Tupperware/cup if you want to help bring awareness and a solution to this issue.

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    Nature House Green (Monday, 08 January 2018 01:34)

    Nice article, we also support this kind of approach and aware people regarding the importance of biodegradable products.