Grocery and Alcohol Delivery Service Rincon Puerto Rico


Here is another great service in Rincon allowing you to get the most enjoyment while staying at your Rincon Vacation Rental  .....


AKcomida, opening December 1st 2016, is a grocery and alcohol delivery service in Rincon, Puerto Rico.


The idea is simple, you grocery shop from the comfort of your home. When you arrive, your vacation rental is fully stocked leaving you with more time to enjoy your vacation.

  • For orders under 200.00 there is a 25.00 fee
  • For orders over 200.00 everything is included

How it Works .. from their AKcomida Website Shopping page you can select your items.


  • There are two ways to order, item by item and/or pre-set packages
  • After you place your order we will contact you via email to clarify rental information, arrival date and time, and send you a completed invoice with the payment instructions. We do not accept credit cards at this time, only checks and money orders. Credit cards will be accepted in the near future.
  • You can contact us anytime you think of something else you want added to the order.
  • After the order is confirmed, we arrange with the vacation rental company to stock your vacation rental before you arrive.

Enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!

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