Where to watch the NFL in Rincon

It is true, Rincon has more options for watching the NFL these days than probably ever before.   But we want to highlight one of our favorite places for watching the NFL in Rincon!


Mi Familias Pizzeria on the 413.   Why Mi Familias?

  • Friendly bilingual staff
  • Swimming Pool / Family Welcoming Venue
  • Outdoors with shade and fans
  • Buckets of Beer / Drink Specials
  • 5 TV screens (should include a big screen over the pool)
  • Delicious pizza & wings & eats
  • Open daily and year round

If you still aren't sure this is the spot to enjoy while taking a break from your Rincon Apartment Rental check out their excellent reviews!  Reach them at 787-823-0103 or find them straight up the 413 at KM 4.0.   Enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!

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