Rincon Art Gallery | Galeria Exodo Rincon

Just opened, the end of 2015, is Galeria Exodo Rincon.  

Self described ....


"Not too far from the sea you can find works by artists who come from different corners of the world. From Ciudad Juarez to Paris, crossing throughout the Caribbean and spanning the continents of North America and South America, an invisible thread traces itself, uniting each perspective.  In this eclectic space, diverse artistic views converge and even the most opposite of voices salute one another.  The works available in the gallery are only a sample of the diversity that characterizes Galería Éxodo."


We know they are located just a short drive from your Rincon Apartment Rental on the 115, but we aren't sure of the exact location on the 115 so please call them at (787) 823-2235.

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