Rincon Food Cart Getting Great Reviews

There is a new food cart in Rincon, on the 413, getting great reviews around town.  

Rincon Gyros & Other Good Eats is located just a short beautiful drive from your Rincon Apartment Rental, located here on the 413.

Some of their menu items include

- Gyros .. of course .. but also
- Grilled Portobello & Avocado Sandwich with fresh basil and melted brie
- Grilled Falafel w/ Avocado, Feta and Tzatziki
- Chicken Salad on 12 Grain Bread
- Grilled Chicken Teriyaki for the Lettuce Wraps
- Soft she'll Crab Po Boy
- Falafel Pita
- Lettuce Wraps

At the time of this blog they are open daily from 11am.  You can reach them at (787) 533-4120. Enjoy your Rincon Vacation!

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