Oktoberfest 2015 in Rincon Puerto Rico

A few years back at the Das Alpen Cafe Oktoberfest
A few years back at the Das Alpen Cafe Oktoberfest

There is actually an "Oktoberfest" year round in Rincon these days ......  it is The Oktoberfest Beer House and Bistro Restaurant on the 115 here.   

But this blog is about the yearly Oktoberfest celebration in the Rincon Plaza, Saturday October 3rd 2015.    


Both Das Alpen Cafe and The Rincon Beer Co plan a big night of music, drink specials as well as special food and live music.

We know Rincon Beer Co plans to kick things off at 8pm but exactly how Das Alpen Cafe will celebrate the night this year we aren't exactly sure just yet.   But we anxiously await ..... their last post on the subject was the following .......

"OKTOBERFEST AT DAS ALPEN!!! Get ready to celebrate once again at the place where all begun in Rincon!! This year we are giving Oktoberfest a little twist, stay tuned..."

To keep up with all the Oktoberfest happenings in Rincon just click on the specific business's link above.

Enjoy your Rincon Vacation!

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