15 Faros de Puerto Rico | 15 Lighthouses of Puerto Rico Documentary

If you are staying at your Rincon Apartment Rental on Tuesday September 22nd you may want to head to the Rincon Plaza to watch the documentary "15 Faros de Puerto Rico".  


15 Lighthouses of Puerto Rico Documentary contains each of the 15 stunning and beautiful lighthouses around the coast of Puerto Rico.   Rincon's El Faro is included ...


"Originally built by the Spaniards the Rincon Lighthouse was rectangular shape with a 32-foot octagonal tower located at the furthest point West of Puerto Rico.


During the earthquake of 1918 it was heavily damaged and so  was rebuilt with a white tower but without accommodation for a keeper. The tower is 90 feet.  It was declared a historical monument in 1981."


If you'd like more information on the documentary visit the "15 Faros de Puerto Rico" website. 


Enjoy the trailer below and your Rincon Vacation!

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