Dance Classes Learn Bomba during your Rincon Vacation

Looking for a family fun activity during your stay at your Rincon Apartment Rental? We found one, Semillas para una Nueva Humanidad 787.823.8818 is hosting weekly Bomba classes every Tuesday from 6:30 – 9:00pm at only $45 a month.

What is Bomba you ask? (compliments of wikipedia)

“Bomba is one of the traditional musical styles of Puerto Rico.[1] It is the mixture of the three different cultures of the Island, the Spanish, African and Taino cultures. The base rhythm is played by two or more drums. Bomba is described to be a challenge/connection between the drummer and the dancer. The dancer produces a series of gestures to which the primo o subidor drummer provides a synchronized beat. Thus, it is the drummer who attempts to follow the dancer, and not the more traditional form of the dancer following the drummer. The dancer must be in great physical shape, and the challenge usually continues until either the dancer or the drummer discontinues. Bomba also is composed by three or more singers and a solo singer, the singing has a dynamic similar to those of “Son” where the lead singer sings a chorus and the other respond, and in between choruses the lead singer will improvise a verse. The theme of most Bomba songs is every day life and activity, Like the case of a certain song called “Palo e Bandera” that talks about a love triangle between a female dancer, a female singer and the singer’s husband the “Primo” player. The wife realizes her husband is cheating on her with the dancer and decides to teach her a lesson on the dancefloor. While bomba can be used as the generic name for a number of rhythms, its real meaning is about the encounter and creative relationship between dancers, percussionists, and singers.”

Enjoy your Rincon Vacation!

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