Summer Vacation in Rincon Puerto Rico

Photo Credit: Elijah Kleine, August 2015
Photo Credit: Elijah Kleine, August 2015

This is the beauty you are likely to see if staying at your Rincon Apartment Rental during the Summer or early Fall.  

Storms usually come in around noon to 2pm and really cool down the afternoons.     Mornings are usually very sunny which is perfect for line drying anything that got soaking wet the day before.   Our experience has been not to trust the weather reports which can be wrong in either direction.  Because the storms develop fast and move fast they are hard to predict.  Just close all your windows before leaving, pull in anything that you don't want to get accidentally wet and enjoy the beautiful days of Summer and Fall.   They really are some of the prettiest days with everything in bloom!  

Of course no one knows for certain what Mother Nature will do on any given day, but here are a few more photos all taken this August.   Enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation  (Oh, and a phone radar app is a great thing to help you know for certain when the storm is heading your way)

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