Summer in Rincon Puerto Rico

Another Beautiful Beach Day in Rincon
Another Beautiful Beach Day in Rincon

Rincon has subtle changes between Seasons, probably the biggest difference is in the size of waves and the amount of rain.  Summer can bring cooling afternoon showers and calmer snorkel-perfect waters.    


These are some of the reasons Rincon is listed on "BestBeaches" 


  • Rincon has figured among the best Puerto Rico vacation destinations for some time now. Situated on a small peninsula that juts out on the west coast, this once sleepy village is home to some of the best beaches in Puerto Rico, especially if you like to surf or snorkel.
  • Complementing the beach life is some excellent nightlife, and the town has an all around cultural appeal that is hard to deny.
  • Rincon is surrounded by the waters of the Caribbean Sea on three sides and boasts no fewer than eight miles of beachfront. 
  • If you aren't up for some surfing or you just want to enjoy a tamer beach with less surf, there are strips of sand in Rincon that should have little trouble pleasing.
  • During the summer, the water is calm and ideal for snorkeling, while winter brings the big waves that surfers crave.

Enjoy your Rincon Vacation!

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