International Surfing Day Rincon Puerto Rico

If you are lucky enough to be staying at your Rincon Apartment Rental this June 21st you'll want to make your way down to Domes Beach!  There will be fun in the water and on the sand - foods to eat and people to meet - in celebration of International Surfing Day!!!


As defined by Wikipedia is ...

International Surfing Day was established in 2004 by Surfing Magazine and The Surfrider Foundation, International Surfing Day closely follows the spirit and intent of the World Surf Day established by the Usenet newsgroup alt.surfing in 1993. International Surfing Day is a worldwide celebration of the sport of surfing. The day is observed with surf contests, barbecues, film screenings and other surf-related activities. Surfers also use the day to give back to the environment by organizing beach clean-ups, dune and other habitat restoration and other activities.


Enjoy your Rincon Vacation!

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