No Walgreens in Rincon Puerto Rico

There has been a lot of talk (online and face to face) among the community members of Rincon regarding Walgreens attempt to put a store in Rincon.   It is yet to be seen what the outcome will be but Rincon's El Coqui has an excellent article in this May issue.  You can find the full magazine in a PDF format on the El Coqui Website.


A few highlights from the article - The Importance of Rincon's Small Businesses

  • Chain stores displace locally-owned businesses
  • People come to Rincon for the unique community & quaint small-town charm
  • Locally owned businesses recycle a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy
  • New jobs for Walgreens won't outweigh the loss of jobs due to closed small businesses
  • Local businesses equal more local products
  • Over 119 Walgreens currently in Puerto Rico with one less than 10 minutes away from Rincon in Anasco

If you'd like to follow this issue Facebook might be one of the best places.  There is an island wide page 

No más Walgreens en Puerto Rico and locally El Coqui.

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