Rincon Bans The Bag

It has happened!!!  As recently reported in The Huffington Post, The first town in Puerto Rico toBan The Bag is Rincon!   

  • Rincon Mayor Carlos Lopez tells reporters that plastic bags have been affecting marine life at a nearby reserve. He urged other municipalities to follow his lead. All businesses will have to eliminate plastic bags by February 2015 or face fines ranging from $100 to $500. Businesses will offer recycled paper bags for sale, or customers can bring their own. Lopez said Monday that revenue from fines will be used for environmental programs. Puerto Rico legislators have debated the issue, including charging for plastic bags. But no measures have been approved at an island-wide level.
  • Rincon joins other U.S. cities including San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles in banning plastic bags.

Surfrider activists in Rincon, Puerto Rico have been working to educate the community for years about the dangers associated with plastic bags.  “We are delighted that Rincon has taken this bold step to eliminate a source of plastic that has been shown to cause much damage to the environment, particularly to marine life,” said Monserrate Perez, current president of the Surfrider Foundation in Rincon. 


You can follow and support more Rincon Environmental issues at Reduciendo la Huella Plastica and Surfrider Rincon on Facebook.  Enjoy your Rincon Vacation Rental !

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