Wine Tasting & Wine Shop Now Around Rincon

Not exactly located in Rincon, but definitely worth the short drive to Aguadilla to enjoy this family run Wine Shop extraordinaire!!!!   And they do offer private tasting parties at your Rincon Vacation Rental!!!


The following was offered from a recent article and you can find Tinto on Facebook .....


Tinto has finally opened its doors! With about 200 labels and over 47 grape varieties, just about every palate is quenched. Walking through the front doors feels as if you’ve entered someone’s living room. Rustic furniture and warm colors surround you. The first thing I notice is a bookshelf full of reference materials. Magazines and some of the best reference books out there, such as “The Wine Bible” by Karen McNeil, and “Windows on the World Complete Wine Course” by Kevin Zraly. Right above the bookshelf I find myself looking at a Periodic Table of different grape varieties. How it works is, you find the grape you are interested in and it tells you in which spectrum of acidity, body and texture your palate falls under. It also helps you identify which other grapes fall into the same spectrum. Maybe it’s a grape that you’ve been meaning to try and now you know you might like it!!

Across from the reference center I see three wines featured this month, a sample of which is offered as I enter the store. This month’s selection includes a Gewürztraminer from Washington, a French Cote du Rhone, and the better known Malbec from Argentina. Now with a bit of a sample in my hand, I’m ready to browse through the store!

As I look around I notice wines from Australia, New Zealand, Washington, France, and Israel among the usual regions like California, Italy, Argentina, Chile and Spain. I see bottles from $12.00 to $35.00. The wines are labeled with information cards containing tasting notes, ratings and a drink-by date. But don’t worry, although the first time you walk through the store it will be hard to decide which wines to buy, the more you visit the easier it gets.

Not only are you surrounded by all these wonderful wines to take home, but you can actually consume on premise as well! Tinto offers a wine by the glass menu of about 8 wines which you can enjoy with their Cheese Sampler or Charcuterie plate. Wine Flights are also offered; these change monthly so that by the end of a year you should be able to taste all 47 grape varieties featured in the wine shop. You can consume any bottle off the shelf for a $10.00 corking fee. Even the whites! The staff at Tinto will chill it to perfect temperature within 3 minutes. The tables are spread out around the store, so that anywhere you sit you are able to see the wines around you.

I take a seat and try to decide whether to order a white or red wine flight. Uhmm, white flight with a cheese plate it is! The flight consists of a 2 ½ oz. pour of three different whites. This month they’re a Verdejo from Spain, the Gewürztraminer from Washington, and a Malvasia from Italy. The flight arrives first, the presentation is wonderful, a beautiful wooden board with three small glasses and an information card for each with tasting notes. They are presented in ascending order of body. In this case it’s Malvasia, Verdejo and lastly the Gewürztraminer. The cheese plate arrives and looks delicious. It’s arranged with Manchego, Brie, and Hard Goat Cheese. Each cheese is paired with complementing jams and salads. In this case, a house-made fig-olive tapenade, a cranberry-orange relish and black currant jam. It tasted as good as it looked and my wines complemented them nicely. Well done!! The meat platter consists of three cured meats; chorizo cantimpalo, sorpresatta, and capocollo. The meats are presented with herb-marinated olives, a pickled radish and parsley salad as well as a pickled pepper salad.

All in all a great experience and I was exposed to new wines as well as new flavors. But the people at Tinto don’t stop there. They also offer educational Wine Tastings. Their first Wine Tasting is on The Big Six; the most influential grapes in the wine world: Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet and Syrah. In the tasting they walk you through the body and style of each grape and help you understand the tasting notes of each. They will be offering a different tasting just about every other week.

All in all, when you go to Tinto you’ll feel like family and the experience will be great. Where else can you purchase a bottle of wine as you sip and learn about the very wine you will be purchasing? It is definitely a place well worth checking out. 


Enjoy Your Rincon Vacation!

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