SUP in the Caribbean

Congratulations Rincon, Puerto Rico! Our paddling community has won the first ever Paddle Town Battle! Coming from a sixth seed to take this year's overall title, Rincon is the epicenter of this Caribbean island's SUP scene and 8th and Ocean is the perfect Beachfront SUP location for a full Caribbean SUP Retreat (rent the whole Villa and Enjoy!)


What SUP Magazine did ... Here is how it went down and Rincon WON!

  • During NCAA’s March Madness, we’re running our own contest to determine the nation’s best paddling town (look for the feature in the Summer issue).
  • After a short nomination period (consider it the conference championships), we’ll choose eight towns from across the country based on proximity to water (whitewater, touring, surf, downwind) and community (shops, events, clubs) with points given to each.  
  • SUP magazine will create an Elite Eight bracket and you, SUP magazine readers, will vote to determine the nation’s best town to live in if you’re a paddler. The winning town gets massive bragging rights for its constituents and major verbage in our Summer issue.

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