Caribbean Yoga Retreats in Rincon

Rincon Puerto Rico is truly a perfect and beautiful location for Caribbean Yoga Retreats! With its peaceful oceanfront location you can be certain to enjoy yoga island style!


So grab your yogi friends and start planning what many say is an experience of a life time.   If you don't know where to start, here are some tips (or we can plan it all - see last paragraph):

  1. Decide on your dates - length of retreat you'd enjoy
  2. Decide on your number of yoga guests (maybe some guests won't be doing yoga?)
  3. Decide if you'd like to bring a yoga instructor from your area (maybe chip in to cover the cost of her trip) or pay a local Rincon yoga instructor
  4. Let the yoga instructor set the schedule for your review

That's really it.  Pack your mats and bathing suits and make it happen.   Maybe even toss in some Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga (we have that in Rincon)!!!   If you need help contact us - we can help as much or as little as your like - we have connections and are happy to help make your Yoga Retreat happen!!!

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