Rincon Festival December 22nd

It is almost that time of year again .... The Annual "Caravana Yuntas de Bueyes" or as the Gringo's say "Oxen Parade" ....will be the weekend of December 22nd!!!


It is a fun family event where you can see the beautiful Oxen of Puerto Rico.  A don't miss if you are at your Rincon Apartment Rental on the 22nd!!!


"......there will be artisans, music, food and festivities for the children and picture opportunities with these magnificent gentle creatures. The “bueyes” were used by Puerto Rican farmers for centuries; they were originally brought here by the Spaniards long ago. They can weigh up to 2000 pounds and have mostly been replaced by modern tractors but are still used in remote areas where tractors cannot work. There is also information about these animals and their important role in Puerto Rico’s agricultural history. There will be “Bueyes” on parade from all over the island so expect a little traffic in the early hours of the event which begins at 11am as many stop to take pictures and admire their presence. This is a rare opportunity to see them in person and enjoy a day of family fun."


Enjoy the Oxen and your Rincon Vacation!

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