Defensa Animal de Rincon Animal Rescue Group DAR

Rincon has a new official non profit (501c3) Animal Rescue Group called Defensa Animal de Rincon or DAR.   DAR in Spanish stands for GIVE and that is what the volunteer members of this group will do for the animals of Puerto Rico.  If you'd like to get involved or donate while staying at your Rincon Apartment Rental reach them at


Please share and support DAR as they are a zero overhead organization;  your donations go 100% to the animals.   Follow DAR on Facebook .... here is their offical announcement (they are a bilingual group) ....

"We're excited to inform you we are ready to roll!!!! Estamos contentos de informarles que estamos listos para rodar! A huge thanks to our anonymous donors for believing in our vision and funding our Puerto Rican and Federal non-profit status. We are Rincon's newest animal rescue group, DAR - Defensa Animal de Rincon - An official non-profit organization, started by Rincon residents for our local animals and community. We invite and welcome you to become involved!! Please share us!! / Estamos contentos de informarles que estamos listos para rodar! Nuestro mayor agradecimiento a nuestros donantes anónimos, por creer en nuestra visión y financiar nuestro status sin fines de lucro, estatal y federal. Somos el mas reciente grupo de rescate de animales de Rincón, DAR (Defensa Animal de Rincón), comenzado por residentes rincoeños, para nuestros animales locales y comunidad. Le invitamos y damos a la vez la bienvenida para que se envuelva con el grupo. Por favor, comparta la información!"


Board members are:

  • Adelaide (Addie) E Canino, President
  • Cynthia Calvin, Vice President
  • Jo-Ann Garcia, Treasurer/Secretary
  • Marisel Ruiz, Director of Communications
  • James Westfall, VP of Island Projects

For more information visit their Website and Enjoy your Rincon Vacation!

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