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Abbott and Asa Happy Ending
Abbott and Asa Happy Ending

Most guests of Rincon and our Rincon Apartment Rentals return on a regular basis, become part of our Rincon Community, and like to stay in touch with what is going on in Rincon.  If you'd like to keep up on what's happening in Rincon's world of animal rescue subscribe to ARF of Rincon's Monthly Newsletter.   


Here is some of what was in this October 2013 Newletter... 


ARF is Rincon!!!

Without your continued support we can not help so many animals. ARF is a very lean offical non-profit organization; utilizing the Internet for everything from adopting out animals, to raising funds to VOIP phone services. Your donations go directly to Vet bills. ARF spends $2k plus monthly on Vet bills. We recoup a good percentage when we adopt out animals - as adoption fees equal the Vet services charged for each animal - *BUT* when a street animal or owned animal is in need it is your Donations that make helping those animals possible.


Bruno was rescued by Sarah, who fosterd and worked with ARF for all ARF paid Vet Services. Asa adopted Bruno (now Abbott) and Asa donated to cover all Vet Services ARF had covered. This is how we keep going!! Thank you everyone and please share our adoptables!!! {91 animals have been adopted from ARF of Rincon since March 2013 this year}


Click HERE for the full Newsletter with photos of Happy Endings and Enjoy your Rincon Vacation!

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