Rincon's El Bohio Bar

If you are looking for a casual and economical spot with an island vibe, walking distance to the beach and beautiful sunset ..... you have found it at The El Bohio at Maria's Beach.


Just a few miles from your Rincon Apartment Rental, head down to Maria's Beach and you'll find the El Bohio located on the Ocean side of the road.  This friendly island 'hut' bar has a common name so don't confuse it with other, less authentic, Bohios!


This El Bohio is open most days and nights during the surf season, but we can't give you a number to call, you have to drive by and see if they are inspired and serving!   The El Bohio often hosts local bands so check in and see who is playing ... enjoy a Medalla and some casual conversation ... Enjoy your Rincon Vacation!

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