Rincon Quenepa Available Now

Summer in Rincon is the time of year to stop at a fruit stand and buy some quenepas!    This small round fruit is about the size of an olive with a hard skin. Inside you’ll find a very sweet luscious fruit with a jelly like consistency, most people eat them fresh...just bite the outter skin enough to open it up, squeez the inside fruit into your mouth and suck on it like a hard candy!!!


Quenepa fruit is full of fiber for lowering cholesterol, Vitamin A, Vitamin C,  calcium and phosphorus which is important for digestion and regulating hormones. Quenepa also contains a large amount of tryptophan which is important for good sleep.


There are fruits stands in various places of Rincon that sell quenepas. All of these are close to your Rincon Apartment Rental

  1. La Placita (gas station / mini mart) on the North end of Rincon (where the 413 and 115 meet) 
  2. In the Do It Best Hardward parking lot, on the 115, you'll find a fruit stand
  3. On the corner of the 115 and Calle Las Frabricas (basically across the street from Econo) is a fruit stand

Enjoy your Rincon Vacation popping some quenepas!!!

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