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Don't let the "San Juan" in Noche de San Juan fool you - This midnight celebration is celebrated throughout Puerto Rico - including Rincon!  Contact us or ask around your Rincon Vacation Apartments if you want to know which Rincon Beaches will be having celebrations


St. John's night (Noche de San Juan) is the celebration of the birth of Saint John the Baptist.  Every year at the stroke of midnight on June 23rd, the beaches throughout Puerto Rico can come alive.


The tradition is to go to the beach after 11pm and as midnight approaches, wade into the water waiting for the exact moment of midnight to fall backwards into the water. 


The evenings celebrations may begin with gatherings at local beaches where family and friends enjoy food music and dancing. Then on the stroke of midnight, those gathered at the beach will walk backwards into the sea and fall backwards to immerse themselves in the water. They do this 3 times as traditions says that you will have ‘good luck’ for the rest of the year.  Enjoy your Rincon Vacation!


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