Mama Mel's Childcare Services Open House | Rincon Apartment Rental

If you are staying at your Rincon Apartment Rental this weekend, Mama Mel's Rincon Childcare Services welcomes you to come play and experience the space what we have worked so hard to create for the children and families of Rincon, Puerto Rico and around!


Leaning Center is designed for pre-school age children ages 3 - 5. I will however, accept 2 year olds as well as older children on a case by case basis that will require an observation day at the program.


This event is for families and children that want to get a taste for what the center has to offer for now or for the future and friends that want to come and get a sneak peak at the project that has taken us away from any sort of social life the last 3 months!


We encourage families with children to come during the first 3 hours and friends sin ninos to hold off until the last 2 hours. This is a child's world and too many adults crammed in can seem a little chaotic :)


There will be a packet of information available that will contain curriculum info as well as pricing. We are currently playing the permit and license waiting game but anticipate being open July or August 2013!

Peace, Love, and Play

Enjoy your Rincon Vacation


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