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Just as the name says ...Rincon Childcare Services for you .. a close distance from your Rincon Vacation Rental.  For the day or evening or whatever your needs contact Mamma Mel!!!!   Enjoy your Rincon Vacation!


Mamma Mel's Childcare Services in Rincon, Puerto Rico - From Mamma Mel,. I am a full time resident in Puerto Rico and provide quality childcare for locals and vacationers in Rincon. My husband and I relocated here from Seattle in search of sun, beautiful beaches, and a small community. I count my blessings every day that I get to call this beautiful island my home.


I have worked in early childhood for 14 years in many different areas. I have been a nanny, social worker, pre-school teacher, and finally an Autism therapist. Spending my working hours with children is truely refreshing. The wonder, creativity, honesty, and imagination keep me young at heart and positive about this world we live in.


I can guarantee that any child in my care will be treated with unbiased kindness and encouraged to explore, create, and experiment to learn about this amazing world we live in. I play numerous musical instruments and love to sing with the kiddos. CPR and First Aid certified.


Mamma Mel
Mamma Mel

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