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Pinchos y Tostones
Pinchos y Tostones

During your stay at your Rincon Vacation Rental you'll see street vendors and fruit stands all around Rincon.  We think trying these stands is a fun way to experience Puerto Rico and enjoy your Rincon Vacation!  Most can be a snack!


Most street vendor signs self explanatory but there are a few signs that might have you wondering what they are

  • Pinchos - kabobs commonly made with pork, fish or chicken and a special marinade
  • Tostones - twice-fried green plantains
  • Empanadas - "fried meat pie" ; folded dough or bread around a stuffing of a vegetables, chicken, pork or fish
  • Pastelillo - similar to an empanada, except the doug is thin and flaky

Buen Provecho!!!


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