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rincon puerto rico vacation rentals and information
Pintos R Us Riding Rincon Beach 787-516-7090

Pintos R Us is it for Horseback Rides in Rincon Puerto Rico. So gather up everyone from your Rincon Puerto Rico Vacation Rental and head to the Rincon Marina (after booking your trailride via 787-516-7090).


Normally there will be a group ride daily at 10am and again at 4pm. But if you'd rather venture out in a smaller group, being able to ride with a guide but at a possibly faster pace - ask about a private ride when you call to schedule.


You will start out from the Rincon Marina, head down the 413 with beautiful views of Tres Palmas Marine Reserve, wave at everyone drinking and eating at Calypso, hit the beaches and the secret trails behind El Faro - as well as the old Spanish Wall overlooking the Caribbean. You will likely see beautiful parts of Rincon Puerto Rico you would otherwise not see.


Pintos R Us has healthly, smart and well behaved horses. So just tell them your riding level and enjoy!


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