Coffee Shops to enjoy during your Rincon Vacation

If you are feeling the need to venture out of your Rincon Vacation Rental for some morning coffee, here are a few morning coffee shop options and they all serve food too.  

  • Banana Dang on the 413 in Puntas, an aircondictioned starbuck-esk coffee hub.  In their own words ... "FROM THE SANDY BEACHES of Los Angeles to the reefs of Rincon, Banana Dang was born out of pure necessity. Coffee is our first love. Bananas are the world’s most perfect fruit. Rincon is paradise. Having spent the bulk of our lives addicted to coffee and surfing waves, we suddenly had an epiphany—what if we created a space that embraces our passions: coffee, bananas and the environment."
  • Saludos & Cafe in the Rincon Downtown Plaza, an open air kiosk.  In their own words ... "a cozy, family friendly outdoors cafe and your only stop in Rincón to enjoy the best gourmet coffee, sandwiches, breakfast, frappes, desserts and more."
  • EC Bakery on the 115, a traditional Puerto Rican bakery.   Ask for "cafe con leche" ... and enjoy!!

If you are a coffee drinker we highly recommend visiting each of these Rincon Coffee Shops!  They are all a bit different and they are all delicious!   General location of each can be found when you click on their picture below.


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