What Is There to Do in Rincon? | After You Have Your Vacation Rental

Here are some of the wonderful facts and characteristics of Rincon, Puerto Rico ... as well as a list of Things To Do In Rincon once you are settled into your Rincon Vacation Rental

  • Caribbean US Territory - No Passport Required and you are in The Caribbean
  • Rincon is The Vacation Destination of Puerto Rican residents - It is where the Island Vacations which speaks to the beauty and uniquness of our town
  • The City of Rincon is officially known as "The Town of Beautiful Sunsets"
  • Beaches ... Rincon has the Ocean on 3 sides, and all of it's Beaches are a bit different
  • Isolation - There are many times you can find yourself the only one on a beach - Because Rincon isn't a town sitting on a main highway - You don't pass through Rincon, You head to Rincon
  • People - There are many Americanos in Rincon but there are also many Puerto Ricans. English and Spanish are spoken most everywhere and we always hear "how friendly and wonderful people are" in Rincon
  • Lots of Things To Do In Rincon - check out Trip Advisor and you will find lots to do in and around Rincon ... just within Rincon you will find activities and places to visit such as Horseback Rides on the Beach, Surf, Snorkel, Sail (classes or charters), Scuba Dive, Fish (shore or charter), Kite Sail, Marine Reserve, Marina, Standup Paddle Board, Swim, Lighthouse Visit, Jet Ski, Minature Golf, Mountain Bike or Jog or Walk Trails, Parasail, Art Workshops & Galleries, Cultural Center, Sports Center (free workouts)
  • Eat and Drink ... Buen Provecho Rincon is available on line or in hardcopy .... A Rincón, Puerto Rico Dining Guide


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