Visit The El Faro | Lighthouse on During Rincon Vacation

El Faro Lighthouse Rincon Puerto Rico Vacation Visit
View from The Sea

Located on a Rincon bluff  the Rincon lighthouse, "El Faro" offers a setting where you can relax and have great views of surfers, Desecheo Island, the sunset, and whale watch in Season.   So, even if you are not "into" lighthouses, you might enjoy a visit to the Rincon's El Faro.


They say a lighthouse has been standing at the same location since 1892. The original lighthouse, which was one of the many lighthouses built to help ships navigate the dangerous sea passage along the western coast, was damaged during an earthquake in 1918. Due to the damage caused by the earthquake, the old lighthouse had to be demolished, and the current 70-foot tall cylindrical tower was built in 1922.

El Faro lighthouse Rincon Puerto Rico vacation things to do
View from the entrance

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