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Rincon, Puerto Rico is a beach town on the northwest side of the island, known for surfing, whale watching, beautiful sunsets, it has become one of the premier locales for Caribbean destination weddings.  There is also diving, fishing, horseback riding and snorkeling at Puerto Rico's only protected marine reserve, Tres Palmas.  Nearby are golf courses, bioluminescent bays, caves and rainforest. 


While Rincon does offer some amazing resorts and larger properties, it is a relatively rural and small town spread out over 8 miles of coastline that ranges from calm Caribbean waters on the south to rock and coral surf breaks on the north. 


The key to enjoying your Rincon vacation is deciding what area of Rincon is best for you and your group.  If you want to surf and be around the surf crowd, vacation rentals and properties in the Puntas and Ensenada areas of Rincon are best.  If you are looking to be closer to town and calmer, more sandy bottomed beaches, properties and vacation rentals in Stella (Parcellas) or Corcega Beach may be better suited for your group. Remember Rincon is spread out and the different areas each have something unique to offer, so don't hesitate to ask about the surrounding area of the vacation rental you are inquiring about, we are happy to point you in the right direction!   Also see our Map of Rincon Vacation Rentals.


We can also help find Rincon vacation activities such as  board rentals, surf lessons, snorkel and sail tours, taxi services, catering and most anything you need for a great Rincon, Puerto Rico vacation!   Feel free to Contact Us.

Purchase a Purple Lizard map of Rincon before your trip, a very accurate  road and beach map with lots of other useful information.





Tonight is Noche de San Juan | Rincon Celebrates

Tonight is the night - Noche de San Juan celebration throughout Puerto Rico ; including Rincon!   There will be many Rincon Restaurants and Bars with live music, drink specials and celebrations!


La Noche de San Juan, The Night of Fire, is a festival celebrated every June 23rd.  It brings the people of Puerto Rico onto the beaches and into the water to celebrate!  As the name implies, this is a night time celebration so don't be surprised if you see more people on the beach this evening while staying at your Rincon Apartment Rental.


A little more information on this tradition from Puerto Rico Day Trips:  "The whole island of Puerto Rico was originally called San Juan in honor of Saint John the Baptist, while the small island of what is now Old San Juan was originally called Puerto Rico (or Rich Port). But confusion over the name led to a switch to the names that we use today. But Saint John the Baptist (San Juan Bautista) is still the patron saint of Puerto Rico and its capital city, San Juan. Saint John the Baptist’s birthday is June 24th, so every year people celebrate his birthday with traditions. In Puerto Rico, at exactly midnight between June 23 and 24, on the eve of his birth, people walk backward into the ocean and fall backwards into it. They do this 3 times in a row. The water is said to be "blessed", so dipping into it is supposed to clean you of the bad things so as to bring good luck or at least help ward off evil throughout the year.  Some people also do more than 3 dunking (7 or 12 are the other usual number of dunking). It is all in good fun and everyone is welcome to join in, whether you believe in the tradition or not."


Enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!






ARF of Rincon Silent Auction & Art Show Fundraiser

Gather up everyone staying at your Rincon Apartment Rental on June 25th 2016 and head over to Cafe 413 in the Rincon Downtown Plaza to enjoy .....


"...The premier of American Journaler & Artist GD Garner at Cafe 413! Meet the internationally renowned artist and author and see his original artwork on display for one night only.  GD Garner spent 5 years on a global expedition to all seven continents engaging indigenous cultures in search of the essence of life and now resides right here in Rincon, Puerto Rico. As a result of his high profile work GD was selected as a good will ambassador for one of the UNs largest ECOSOC organizations helping educate woman and children throughout Africa. His work chronicles his experiences and fuses them with fervent imagination and exploitation of vibrant color. GD Garner's work has been featured on the red carpet of numerous Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Sundance events as well as appearing on network, cable, public television shows, major feature films and countless A list celebrities homes. A sample of notable people who own GD Garner pieces include Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Macguire, Justin Timberlake , Maria Carey, Jimmy Kimmel, George Lopez, Kimberly Wyatt, Cedric The Entertainer, Gene Simmons and many more. A silent art auction will be held later in the evening and 100% of ALL art sales will be donated to ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation). Join us for a night of art, K9 Charity, live music, giveaways, AND support the Furry Friends in need that ARF helps provide for! Be one of the first 50 people that arrive and you will also receive a gift!"


For more information follow the event on facebook --- and enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!






Another New Delicious Rincon Restaurant | Rincon Gyros

Rincon Gyros used to be run out of a food cart on the 413 and then as a guest chef at RBC.   But as of June 2016 they have moved to a beautiful location in the Rincon Downtown Plaza.   Giving them and you more room and comfort to enjoy the food that has made them another successful Rincon Restaurant!


In addition to Gyros, you may find the following on their menu:

  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich w/ Fresh Basil and a cup of Tomato Basil Soup
  • Shrimp Veracruz
  • Tortilla Soup
  • French Dip
  • Chicken Salad Croissant
  • Breakfast Burritos


You can reach Rincon Gyros at (787) 533-4120.   They offer pick up and might even offer you drive-by-pick-up if you arrange with them when you order over the phone.  Or you can park anywhere around their location (map here) and walk the Rincon Plaza, enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation and all the shops and beauty the Plaza has to offer!

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Fresh Fish Restaurant in Rincon | Los Pescadores

This Fresh Fish Restaurant in Rincon is located right on the Beach just a short drive from your Rincon Vacation Rental.    The translation of "Los Pescadores" is "Fisherman"!


Self described as a "Restaurant and Lounge seafood specialty fresh also local fruit and vegetables. Local and international meals."  this small, friendly and family run restaurant offers fresh fish and traditional Puerto Rican meals.   Keep in mind, if you are not a fan of fried food you should let them know as many traditional meals are deep fried.  They offer affordable pricing and a full bar (at the time of this blog).


Reach them at Tel.787-589-7499 - Located on Carr 429 interior KM 1.6 in Barrio/Neighborhood Barrero.  Enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!

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New Venue Opening around the Rincon Downtown Plaza - "Galeria del Surfing"

If you have driven past 'The Surfing' statue on your way to the Downtown Plaza from your Rincon Rental you may have noticed this closed but cool little kiosk-type building complex.   We are excited to announce this complex will soon be open and include several new Rincon businesses.  Rumor has it the City will have an official Tourism Office at this location.  The complex is owned and operated by the City of Rincon.   The  Grand Opening  of this  "Galeria del Surfing" is to be held on Thursday June 2  at 6:00 pm.   Live music by "Los Hijos de Puntas" will be part of the festivities!   Enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!

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