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Rincon, Puerto Rico is a beach town on the northwest side of the island, known for surfing, whale watching, beautiful sunsets, it has become one of the premier locales for Caribbean destination weddings.  There is also diving, fishing, horseback riding and snorkeling at Puerto Rico's only protected marine reserve, Tres Palmas.  Nearby are golf courses, bioluminescent bays, caves and rainforest. 


While Rincon does offer some amazing resorts and larger properties, it is a relatively rural and small town spread out over 8 miles of coastline that ranges from calm Caribbean waters on the south to rock and coral surf breaks on the north. 


The key to enjoying your Rincon vacation is deciding what area of Rincon is best for you and your group.  If you want to surf and be around the surf crowd, vacation rentals and properties in the Puntas and Ensenada areas of Rincon are best.  If you are looking to be closer to town and calmer, more sandy bottomed beaches, properties and vacation rentals in Stella (Parcellas) or Corcega Beach may be better suited for your group. Remember Rincon is spread out and the different areas each have something unique to offer, so don't hesitate to ask about the surrounding area of the vacation rental you are inquiring about, we are happy to point you in the right direction!   Also see our Map of Rincon Vacation Rentals.


We can also help find Rincon vacation activities such as  board rentals, surf lessons, snorkel and sail tours, taxi services, catering and most anything you need for a great Rincon, Puerto Rico vacation!   Feel free to Contact Us.

Purchase a Purple Lizard map of Rincon before your trip, a very accurate  road and beach map with lots of other useful information.





Rincon is a Photography Vacation Destination

Don't forget to bring your camera (be it your cell phone camera or your expensive professional camera) to your Rincon Apartment Rental.  Because as you can see from the below photos by Alycia Rae, there is a lot of beauty to capture while on your Rincon Vacation!  Enjoy!

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Festival de Patronales Rincon 2016

This year the Festival de Patronales Rincon 2016 | Feast of the Patron Saint, Santa Rose de Lima will be held the weekend of August 30th.   


"Fiestas patronales in Puerto Rico are yearly celebrations held in each municipality of the island. Like in other countries, "fiestas patronales" are heavily influenced by Spanish culture and religion, and are dedicated to a saint or virgin. The festivities usually include religious processions honoring its Catholic heritage. However, elements of African and local culture have been incorporated as well. They also feature parades, games, artisans, amusement rides, regional food, and live entertainment"


The official location of  Rincón' Festival de Patronales is Plaza Amastad which is located on the 115 (as this map shows) from your Rincon Apartment Rental.   You won't miss it while the Festival is going on as there are vendors, live music, carnival rides and people .... lots of friendly happy people.    


Enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!






72 Hours in Rincon, Puerto Rico | A Cool Story About Visiting Rincon


Rocio Lugo Quijano recently wrote a cool story about Rincon, Puerto Rico that highlights just some of the unique things you can do while staying at your Rincon Apartment Rental.  Including but not only the following:

  • Breakfast at La Rosa Inglesa
  • Excursion to Desecheo Island and Reef Exploration with Taino Divers
  • Paddle Boarding with Paddle Diva
  • Rincón Beer Company

For the full story you can visit the Merodea site and read the Spanish version.  We have also translated the full story into English here.  Enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation!

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The Rincon Art of Albert Padilla | Pinta tu Gorra

If you have spent much time in Rincon you probably have noticed the unique, cool and beautiful Rincon Art of Albert Padilla aka APsketch co.


Albert creates custom and one-of-a-kind sketch art and murals on hats, t-shirts, surfboards and walls.   This July 17th and 20th you will have the opportunity to paint your own trucker hat with Albert at BeRincon.   Space is limited and workshops are separated into adults and children.   Find all the information required to join on the BeRincon events:

Enjoy your Rincon Apartment Rental and your one-of-a-kind trucker hat!

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Beautiful Photos of Rincon Puerto Rico

If you love Rincon Puerto Rico like we love Rincon Puerto Rico you might find Me Encanta Rincón Puerto Rico | I Love Rincón Puerto Rico fun to follow.  It is a facebook page that is simply a collection of beautiful photos showing all the uniqueness that the city and country have to offer.  Including the .....

  • World famous sunsets
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Countryside animals and views
  • Iconic restaurants and landmarks

If you are planning a stay at your Rincon Apartment Rental you will also see updates on events and community activities on the Me Encanta page.      Enjoy your Uniquely Rincon Vacation and these photos from Me Encanta!!!

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